860 BC. An old Celtic culture, somewhere in the northern European regions. Thyr a farmer living happily with his wife on his property is left for death. Dark raiders, send by Hell to harvest the country for slaves and resources, have taken his pregnant wife and beaten him almost to death. As its final hours on this earth are passing away he gets aware of a person, he thinks a woman. Reaching out he sees the women is not a physical being but something we now should call an entity, a creature made of the essence of life. As he's trying to find some strength to call for help the creature is pushed away like a hand influencing smoke revealing a druid standing by his side ready to help him ...

October 23th, 2014 : We changed the setup.

As we noticed building a 3th person view type of game would lead us into a lot of work to get even one level completely up and running I decided to switch some around.

First, we'll change the camera view from 3th person to a more top down approach. This allows us to only design the parts of the level that are actually viewable throughout the game without need to bother about the non visible parts.

Thyr Preview 01

Secondly, we replaced a lot of custom code by unity assets available on the asset store. For instance the camera system was thrown away and replaced with Action RPG Top Down Camera Controller from 3DForge. Ok, the asset needed some extention to make things integrate better but it was less of a strongle to get this up and running than to start over.

Also as Thyr is an action adventure game completely based upon magic we did focus on magic and nothing else then magic. So we degraded the melee combat in favour of a more specific input layout for action driven items like AoE, OneShot or Buff spells.

We also contacted with to have a more extended user interface based upon his redline UI asset. More of this to come.

Thyr Preview 02

Next on our list to do is finishing the visuals of the first level. Once this has been done we'll investigate the possibility to load the scenes additive to have a more fluent open world kind of effect.

I'm very pleased with what has been already been achieved in this very short time of refactoring (2 months) and I'm sure we can reach a releasable product in the end.

Stay tuned and don't miss out the next update!