See Through

When playing 3th person games (like Diablo, Assasins Creed, etc) you’ll notice that when the player gets obscured by any other object those are fading away so you will always see what happens to your game character. As I’m building a game Thyr which has that special camera setup I build the See Through system to allow my players never to lose their characters and can see whatever action is going on.


  • Works with any game object
  • No special shaders involved
  • Easy to setup
  • Full source code included
  • Works with Unity 5.4 and higher
  • Possible to use linked objects (group of gameobjects fading away at the same time)
  • A well written manual is included with instructions of how to setup and use the system.

Some screen shots

Below are some screen shots with the asset not implemented and implemented (some before and after compare if you like)

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